About Us

Welcome to The Connect Firm

The Connect Firm is a Medical Tourism company serving Cali, Colombia and soon expanding to The Dominican Republic. At The Connect Firm we take pride in facilitating, maintaining, and having personal relationships with our vast network of physicians, nurses, masseuses, drivers etc. We are your connection to everything you need in Cali, Colombia and soon The Dominican Republic. With our extensive resources, we aim to suit your specific needs, and provide the best option for your place of recovery. We can assist you with obtaining quotes for dentistry, plastic, reconstructive, bariatric, and gender reassignment surgeries.  Take advantage of all our boots on the ground personalized services in Cali and The Dominican Republic.

Our goal as your plastic surgery consultant/advisor is to prepare you mentally, physically, emotionally and financially prior to your arrival. Most importantly we provide as much information on what to expect throughout the process of your surgery journey. We pride ourselves on being the Patients Advocate; all of our surgeons on our network have been hand selected and put through a rigorous vetting process. Till date I have recorded surgery with over 30 surgeons in two different countries (Colombia and The Dominican Republic) over 200 times.

We know what happens when you’re sleeping…

Quotes and scheduling are FREE of service. However, if you’d like advising services including a bilingual companion upon arriving to Cali, we suggest purchasing one of our packages to prepare you for surgery. We look forward to assisting you on your surgery journey.

For lists of surgeons on or network, exclusive content, videos in the operating room, Q&A with the surgeons, giveaways, reviews, and of course tea  join Surgery Connect!

Our Mission

We are the Patients Advocate, advising you in the best direction and preparing you mentally, physically, and financially for your surgery trip.



Jazzelyn Piper (Jazzy); In 2013 Jazzy gave her friend at the time the idea to open the first consulting company that catered to the Dominican Republic. In 2014 she joined the company and ventured off to Colombia, barely knowing the language nor a soul in the country. In 2015, she opened the first luxurious recovery house formally named Beauti Sleep Recovery & Spa and hosted the first meet and greet in NYC. Jazzy has created most of the popular surgeons Instagram pages, recorded over 200 surgeries with over 30 plastic surgeons ranging from face lifts to tummy tucks, cared for over 400 women post-operative and has assisted over 1,000 women travel to Colombia on their journey to transform their bodies. In 2016, Jazzy and her family moved to Cali, Colombia and is currently still residing. In 2017, Jazzy and her husband Piper founded The Connect Firm, Passion by Paris Piper and Recovery Apartments. Her expertise is beyond measure and unlike any other advisor in the industry. She is currently launching the Surgery Connect app making it the first uncensored plastic surgery app.



Andrea Camareno (Drea); Began her journey in the surgery community in 2010 when she took her first trip to Cali, Colombia. In 2017 she opened Serenity Stay Recovery and began working closely with many surgeons. After opening her Recovery home she began consulting and helping women and men in their journey to change themselves from the inside out. It is one of her passions helping others become the best versions of themselves. Her work ethic and passion to help people is what has made her successful in this industry. She is our boots on the ground consultant and currently resides in The Dominican Republic.


Rob Fernandez; Representing the LGBT community is almost one year post op from  surgery in the Dominican Republic. He is currently planning his second round in Cali, Colombia.

We offer a variety of packages to potential clients,below are our personalized packages:

Phone Consultation




20 minutes to discuss concerns, upcoming surgery trip, or post operative issues.

Prepare Me Package




This package caters to women who would like coordinating and advising services.

Record Your Surgery




If you do not wish to purchase a package but would like your surgery recorded,
we are with you from beginning to end and able to give your loved ones updates during your surgery.

Plug Package




Coordinating services Advising services Bilingual companion for 2 appointments (transportation not included)

Connect Package




Coordinating services, Advising services, Bilingual companion for 5 appointments
(transportation not included) Translate Documents Supply/Faja Shopping
Tour around Cali (dinner and transportation included)

Consultation Package




This package caters to women who would like to travel to Cali, Colombia to meet surgeons prior to selecting and proceeding with your surgery journey. Includes:Unlimited consultations, Coordinating entire trip, Companion for all consultation appointments (transportation not included), Tour around Cali including dinner (transportation included), Add transportation for entire trip $500,*Does not include accommodation and surgeon consulting fees.

Foreign Package




Coordinating services, Advising services, Bilingual companion for all medical appointments,Transportation (roundtrip airport and medical appointments) Companion he day of surgery. Companion the night of hospitalization,Translate documents Records surgery if permitted by surgeon Assistance with post-operative care 1 Faja by Passion by Paris Piper, Tour around Cali including Dinner

Surgery Sister Package




Includes: Coordinating services, Advising services, Bilingual companion for all medical appointments, Transportation (roundtrip airport and medical appointments), Companion the day of surgery, Companion the night of hospitalization
Translate documents, Records surgery if permitted by surgeon, Assistance with post-operative care,
1 Faja by Passion by Paris Piper, Tour around Cali including Dinner.

Coordinating Service:
Coordinating your trip: scheduling surgery date, reserving recovery accommodations, private nurse, apt, family trip, tourism actives, scheduling medical and leisure appointments.

Advisor Service:
Working with an advisor to prepare you mentally, physically, emotionally, & financially prior to arriving to Colombia. We provide a budget sheet, checklist for preparation, post and pre-operating instructions from your surgeon, and your advisor on-call 24 hours while in Colombia.

Bilingual Companion:
Appointments can be consultation, exams, dental, surgery, controls etc.


The first uncensored app in the surgery community; includes exclusive content, videos in the operating room, Q&A with the surgeons, giveaways, reviews and of course TEA!