Frequently Asked Questions

Why The Connect Firm?

We are boots on the ground which gives us the advantage of personally advising you from the beginning to end of your surgery trip. Our personal relationships with all the surgeons on our network is unmatched with any other company in the industry. We are the patient’s advocate!

Why does the website have a membership fee?

Charging a monthly fee was the only way to keep our community a secret society, it ensures all of us that you are serious and not lurking!

What is included in the membership?

Join our secret society! The first uncensored app in the surgery community includes exclusive content, videos in the operating room, q&a with the surgeons, giveaways, reviews and of course TEA!

Where are you located?

We are based in Cali, Colombia and have speciality advisors assisting clients in the Dominican Republic.

Do you work with surgeons in the USA?

We currently do not.

What is the process?

All quotes are FREE. Fill out the questionnaire and submit photos.

Do I have to pay a fee for your services?

Yes, if you’d like advising services including a bilingual companion upon arriving to your selected country of choice, we suggest purchasing one of our packages to prepare you for surgery. We look forward to assisting you on your surgery journey.